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We Offer a Wide Range of Styles and Options to Create Your Custom Stair Solution

builderThis stair makes an excellent solution for high-use areas because it’s engineered with features meant to add stability, features such as the direct baluster-to-tread connection to better distribute the load-bearing capacity evenly across the stair. Other feature such as diamond plate treads add to this stair’s effectiveness in high-use outdoor settings, making it an overall ideal workhouse of a stair.

The Builder’s Series Spiral works great for:

Uses: Deck | Beach House | Commercial
Styles: Modern | Minimalist | Coastal
Price Tier: Tier 2 [$$] | Tier 3 [$$$]

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Builders Series Tread Profile

Keep your stair's profile slim without losing design with these open end tread designs.

  • Standard Smooth steel tread

  • Long Curved Elegant profile steel tread

  • Ivy Stencil Decorative stencil riser

  • Code Riser Code compliant riser

Builders Series Tread Coverings

You can choose the right covering for your lifestyle, including non-slip surfaces for safety and solid wood covers for a design accent.

  • Standard Smooth steel tread

  • Diamond Plate Raised diamond pattern for a non-skid surface

  • Fan Cut Grated Fan cut open grate tread to allow the pass through of rain and snow

  • Grated - Hand Weld Open grate tread to allow the pass through of rain and snow

  • Solid Wood Tread Cover Solid wood accents for your stair available in all offered wood species

  • Carpet Ready Flakeboard Ready for carpet stair treads

Builders Series Wood Covering Type

Paragon offers over a dozen wood species to make finding the right match for your space easy.

  • None

  • Red Oak (Indoor)

  • White Oak (Indoor)

  • American Cherry (Indoor)

  • Brazilian Cherry (Indoor)

  • Maple (Indoor)

  • Walnut (Indoor)

  • Hickory (Indoor)

  • Douglas Fir (Indoor)

  • Pine (Indoor)

  • Alder (Indoor)

  • Teak (Outdoor)

  • Mahogany (Outdoor)

  • Cedar (Outdoor)


With a wide range of handrails, you can find the right material and finish for your Builder's Series Spiral Stair.

  • Vinyl Standard black vinyl handrail

  • Aluminum Aluminum handrail with dome end cap

  • Solid Wood 2" Round Standard solid wood 2" handrail

  • Solid Wood 3" Round Standard solid wood 3" handrail

  • Solid Wood 3" Bead & Finger Groove Shaped solid wood 3" handrail

Baluster Type

Our standard square baluster lets your stair's other design accents shine.

  • Square Standard square baluster

Number of Center Balusters

You can close any large spaces in your stair frame by choosing the number of center balusters on each step.

  • 0

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

Matching Platform Railing

You can match your steel or PVC handrail with your your platform railing choice for a uniform look.


Complete your unique stair design with the right finish, whether it's a traditional black or a custom color.

  • Primed (Standard)

  • Black Powder Coat

  • White Powder Coat

  • Steel Gray Pearlescent

  • Faux Stainless Steel

  • Bronze

  • Bronze Pearlescent

  • Almond

  • Custom Color


Find the right entry and exit points for your spiral stair by choosing either a clockwise (Right Hand Up) or a counterclockwise (Left Hand Up) design.

  • Right Hand Up

  • Left Hand Up

Number of Platform Rails

Ensure the safety of your spiral stair with the addition of railing around your landing platforms that are not attached to a wall.

  • 1

  • 2

  • Well Enclosure

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